Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Top 5 Things Just Added to the "V" List

Yet again my welcome message is trumped when the bloggers I am welcoming have already posted. So much has happened over the past two days I wanted to present our happenings the best way I know how, in a list. So here are the five newest things added to the "V" list:

1. James Bedell
Fans of Policythought.blogspot.com can tell you James Bedell keeps it real. We are lucky to have him and his sense of humor here on the list. Check out his first blog on top five do-overs. Also, if you have not yet discovered his amazing political blog. Check it out!

2. Julia

The list also would like to take the opportunity to welcome Julia M, a much needed female perspective in this testosterone filled site. If you haven't checked out her top 5 snarkiest women listed below, you are missing some good shit!

3. The "V" list takes on fashion

You may have noticed that "V" list and cafepress have teamed up to bring you some gear to wear around. Right now the only print available is our main man Moses. Stay tuned for an original design contest coming soon, complete with prizes for the winning artist.

4. Sponsorship

You may have noticed the google advertisements lingering about, if you should find the time to check out our sponsors, it would be much appreciated.

5. Fancy New Lost Poll!

Some people have expressed their fear in voting for the LOST character because they are afraid they will be wisked away to another site. I assure you this is our poll, and you will not be told to buy anything or solicited for any DVD's or movies, that's what the Google ads are for. Hurry up and vote because time is running out to crown the most annoying castaway.

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