Friday, May 16, 2008

Canadians, eh?

Canadians share our hemisphere, continent, and sometimes time zones. They're just like us, with just a few tweaks. Free health care, a second national language, and longer winters give Canadians some punch and this our chance to say 'hey Canada! We think you're kind of snazzy.' Fish and chips, a lower drinking age, and some sick national parks are only the beginning with Canada. They've got celebrities all over the place too. TV, music, movies, you name it. Canadians have successfully infiltrated the entertainment business without losing touch with their culture and without invading any sovereign nations. Not only is it fun to listen to them say words like "sorry," but these celebrities have got talent. There's so many amazing Canadians out there, this list could go on forever, but unfortunately I had to narrow it down to the most influential of the bunch...and I'm not picking Jack Kerouac just because he's Jack Kerouac. He's had enough exposure, let's talk about some other folks.

5. Jim Carrey

Now how could you have a list of Canadians without mentioning the mastermind behind the Mask and Ace Ventura. Lesser known but equally if not more ingenious titles include the Cable Guy, The Truman Show, Man on the Moon, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Personally, I think Jim Carrey is one of the most versatile actors of his era. Mean impersonations and amazing comedic timing are qualities to be valued in a comedian, but his ability to use his natural timing toward drama too is rare. He's tall and goofy in a dashing sort of way and gives a great interview. Yes Andy Kaufman was a weird guy, but Jim Carrey rocks so see the movie anyway!

4. Michael Cera

Michael has summed up my generation's sense of humor, humiliation, and general discomfort with just two movies: Super Bad and Juno. He's adorable, he's relatable, he's frickin' hilarious and he has single-handedly coined a new kind of romantic/tragic hero that tween girls and middle-aged women alike can swoon over. Plus, he's a little nerdy so guys can like him too without being intimidated (even though they should be). He's like a young Woody Allen if you replace New York with Toronto. Plus, Arrested Development fans will lovingly identify Michael Cera as the George Michael who unfortunately fell in love with his cousin. Awkward is the new sexy.

3. Neil Young
One fourth of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young this man has withstood the test of time. He still writes music, goes on tour, and makes snippy remarks about the government on television- ahh, just like the 70's. If only the rebellious protest mentality could have survived with good ol' Neil. He's awesome not only for being a snarky old whipper-snapper, but because he's still alive! This man is an amazing guitarist, song-writer, and world-famous celebrity, and he has made it passed his fiftieth birthday. Score #2 for Canada--musicians that can live past the age of 23.

2. Tommy Douglas

This man, though rarely known by Americans, is now officially "The Greatest Canadian." Voting commenced when a Canadian television series prompted Canadians to chose their favorite Canadian of all time. Tommy Douglas was the man who developed the first socialist government and free health-care plan in North America and then he was elected the first leader of the new government. Canadians call him Tommy out of affection and are years later still willing to give credit where credit is due. Much of Canada's awesomeness is owed to this fabulous man.

1. Alex Trebek

Hello! This man has been my mentor for years and come to find out, it's not just me that watches Jeopardy! Alex has been immortalized in the minds of Americans everywhere as the guy who reads clues off those blue boxes and then comments how great those clues are. But Trebek is soo much more. He can give a back-handed comment like no other. After the first break when they interview the contestants, Trebek gets his glory moment and boy does he jump on the chance to crack hysterical, snippy jokes and make weird faces at the contestants when he reads them their bios. Recently he's been chowing down on those nerdy college kids in the College Championship. Alex Trebek also knows all the answers to all the clues! When the contestants get them wrong, he graciously informs them with a shake of the head and a disappointed sigh. Oh Americans...


Michael said...

Nice post! Have to give shout outs though to Mike Myers and Michael J. Fox...not to mention the old SCTV funny folks like John Candy and Rick Moranis. They were all aboot the funny.

Julia said...

yeah unfortunately I had to leave a lot of people out. Like the guys from Kids in the Hall! best sketch show ever...

Marc V said...

Where's Bryan Adams? Can't stop this thing we started, Rescue Me, Summer of 69, Everything I do I do it for you? Bryan Adams was the late 80's and 90's. Great post!

Michael said...

also remembered the man. the legend. shatner. william shatner.

amanda said...

jim carrey played the riddler. jack nicholson played the joker. check your facts before you post