Monday, May 12, 2008

Top 5 Snarkiest Women of TV

Snarky women have always had their place in society. Fortunately for all of us, that place is now on television too. Snarkiness is a sense of attitude, spunk, sarcasm, and all around balls that makes a woman both intriguing and intimidating. The women on this list are all one of a kind but they all have one thing in common: can you say opinionated? So cheers to all the writers and actresses who aim to keep snarkiness in the hearts of Americans. Here’s to having an opinion.

5. Kate Gosselin

One half of Jon and Kate Plus 8 but moreso, she is the sassy mom inside all of us. Kate’s got eight kids, an awesome husband, and a huge case of OCD but she rocks it out in Central PA with her dry humor and high-strung hilarity. She drags those kids to Disney World and the Pittsburgh Zoo but never loses her cool. Men and women can agree that Kate Gosselin is the definition of wonder-mom and a champion delegator.

4. Tyra Banks

Ok so I am the first to admit that Tyra Banks has taken the express train to CrazyTown, but she is on this list because I also believe her newfound insanity is a deliberate plot to up her ratings. This is hella snarky. It take cajones to act like an idiot on two separate TV shows , but if it furthers your career and makes publishers more willing to air-brush your photos for free then Tyra is all over it. No wonder she looks up to Oprah so much. (Boo-yah!)

3. Christina Yang

Ever since her first appearance as the stoic and ambitious surgeon on Grey’s Anatomy, Christina has had the pizzazz formerly missing from primetime hospital drama. Her oh so brutal honesty and anything-to-get-ahead mentality builds until something dire happens and she either ends up mindlessly shopping at the dollar store or slamming down shots of tequila at Joe’s. She’s a tough Asian cookie who can actually fill out her scrubs, unlike some other surgical interns we know, and best of all—she’s played by Sandra Oh, acclaimed small-part actress from films like the Red Violin, Sideways, Hard Candy, and Under the Tuscan Sun.

2. Elaine Dennis

Seinfeld has been off the air for a few years now but Julia Louise Dreyfus and the rest of them still take up massive amounts of air time chatting about nothing over coffee and sandwiches on the Upper West Side. Elaine’s snarkiness is not only inspiring, it’s ground-breaking. Her refusal to obey the Soup Nazi: legendary. Few women could hold their own with Jerry and George for ten seasons but Julia made Elaine as essential to Seinfeld as Cosmo Kramer.

1. Nancy Botwin

No woman could be as deserving of this title as the pot-dealing suburban housewife from Weeds—Nancy Botwin. She does it all. Raises kids, builds drug-rings, manipulates gang-members, and boy can she maneuver a segway! From start to finish the last three seasons of Weeds have been chock full of Nancy breakdowns and close scrapes. Don’t worry, I know there are many Weeds fans that haven’t caught up yet, so I won’t spoil it for you, but by season three, Nancy Botwin takes snarky to a level no television series has seen before. People, it’s mind-blowing.


Marc V said...

Amazing number one! Botwin has it all. That show is so amazing and even though it has a hell of a viewership, I'm going out there and saying enough people don't watch Weeds. Welcome to the blog, great first post.

prettayprettayprettayprettayprettaygood said...

It's Elaine BENES. You probably didn't even watch the show.