Friday, May 30, 2008

Previews Galore!

I don't know about all of you, but I'm positive there are some other crazebos out there who get as wrapped up in movie trailers as I do. I'm talking, crying, laughing out loud, and mild convulsions caused by my in-depth appreciation of 1-3 minute commercials. But lately, my love of previews has been completely deserved of, thanks the many soul-stirring montages that have been recently circulating in the theatres, on the net, and on our own home televisions. I have to give love to apple trailers for their up-to-date and well-formatted preview-viewing set-up. Many of my night have been swallowed up by watching trailer after trailer, different editions of the same trailer, obscure and terrifying and wild. Previews make me forget about whatever movie I've paid to see, so much so that I am even disappointed when the feature presentation starts. If anyone out there can relate to my rapidly growing obsession, or even just appreciates the magic of editing that previews so well utilize, this list is for you! It's also for anyone who is excited about any of these awesome future nights at the theater.

5. Sex and the city

4. Baghead

3. The Strangers

2. Wall E

1. The Dark Knight

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