Monday, May 26, 2008

Top 5 Reasons Why Weezer Rocks

You and I both know it: Weezer has provided the soundtrack to many poignant moments in your life, especially the 'all-defining' chronicles of your high school years. Upon discovering their songs' incorporation into the Rock Band catalogue, it brought you tremendous joy. Their deliciously infectious tunes are a perfect complement to a Jersey shore trip, windows rolled down, the summer vibes enhanced by outlandish lyrics and three-chord goodness. Cue up any Weezer album and you'll find yourself happily singing along to the lyrical stylings of Rivers Cuomo and Company. Of all forms of alternative rock to rise from the 90's, Weezer provided the most feel-good vibe of them all. Without further ado, five prime reasons why Weezer rocks:

5. The 'Say It Ain't So' Video, the Anthem to Incite High School Nostalgia

4. The 'Beverly Hills' Video, starring Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Mansion

3. The 'Keep Fishin'' Video, starring the cast of The Muppets

2. The 'Pork and Beans' Video, starring Viral YouTube Fads

1. The 'Buddy Holly' Video, starring the cast of Happy Days

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amanda said...

way to go .. none of the videos work