Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ice Cream!

It's the first really hot day of the Spring/Summer season in the Northeast. Makes you crave...ice cream! Here's The V List of delicious shops where you can go get a killer cone or dish!

5. Carvel
Soft serve ice cream is what Carvel is all about - especially when you put it into cake form! Carvel ice cream cakes were and are the epitome of birthday party heaven. The cherubic master of this otherworldly delight: Fudgie The Whale. His whale song of chocolate deliciousness is simply beyond words.

4. Tasti D-Lite
Who says frozen treats have to be bad for you? Tasti D is the king of the frozen yogurt, and for good reason. And with different specialty flavors every day, there's always something new from the D.

3. Mister Softee

When you hear that music, it can only mean one thing...ice cream man! When in need, Mister Softee is always there on the corner to rescue you with a Spider-Man or Snoopy bar...a rocketpop...or a standard soft-serve cone. No jaunt through the city is complete without a friendly hello from the Softee.

2. Cold Stone
Ever wanted to create an ice cream flavor with coffee ice cream, chocolate chips, whip cream, gummy bears, Kit-Kats, Reese's and maraschino cherries? Well, now you can! Cold Stone is the ice cream shop that's taken the nation by storm be allowing people to create and flavor ice cream sundae, right before their eyes. And, as if that's not entertaining enough, the staff will sing for you while you wait! Now, that's service!

1. Dairy Queen
There is no dethroning ice cream royalty. Not as long as the DQ has The Blizzard in its arsenal of icy treats. No matter where you where, where you go, you can always rely on this frozen dame to bring the flavor.


Marc V said...

I call shenanigans on cold stone creamery. First off, you wait ten hours for service cause their line is always out the door unless your in there at 10 in the morning. Secondly, their store is more pungent than Yankee Candle. Why do they smell? What are they burning and what are they covering up? Cold Stoned creamery. Perhaps I'm onto something.

voodooviking said...

voodoocold stone=should have been number on. have you seen the dq in montague? idk how it stays afloat! and cold stone has such a vatiety of goodness and combinations. the smell is wonderful! the conspiracy of cold stone is not going to take off. and NOTHING compares to the odor of yankee candle, aka your nose on an acid trip. cold stone, hands down.