Monday, May 19, 2008

Shows You Need in Your Life

Before you have a chance to see this "V" list allow me to apologize for how biased it is. Three of the five series are Showtime originals. Up until about a year and a half ago, HBO was the go to network for must see subscription television. We all know the merits of shows like Entourage and Sopranos, but the Showtime network has quietly produced some of the edgiest and most enjoyable series over the past two years. While many will peruse this list and feel that there are many amazing shows that were slighted, allow me to say that I agree with you and believe that there are others that deserve a spot on this list. The television series that made this list fit three criteria. Either they are: 1. so amazing that by missing them you are in a pop-culture coma 2. so fresh and new that they are the next big thing, or 3. are on a "pay to play" network, so you might miss out on the goodness if you don't shell out 15 bucks a month for a premium channel. Either way, if you don't have a chance to watch these shows then something is going to have to give. Get them in your life somehow, someway. If you have to do something illegal to get them, I'll won't tell on you. Just make sure that you watch them. I promise, you will thank me for it.

5. How I Met Your Mother
I would consider this show the best up and comer in the last two years. While it is not CBS's bread and butter for Monday night (which is still Two and a Half Men) I would argue this show is far superior in many ways. Perhaps as a twenty-something, I identify with the characters and their problems as they face things like marriage, bills, and old-careers as a Canadian Pop Star. If you didn't get a chance to read Bryan's blog on Barney, let me say again that Neil Patrick Harris is one of the best characters on television in the past decade. The best thing about Mother is you can literally pick up the show on any given night and still be entertained without knowing any back story. While it might not be this generation's friends, you should not miss out on this small-screen gem.

4. Californication

Our first Showtime appearance (of 3) on the list marks the return of David Duchovny to television. Duchovny sheds the image of Fox Mulder, the do gooder with a badge, by channeling a self-indulgent prick writer that leads a one man wrecking crew lifestyle. Fans of the series rejoiced at the show's renewal for a second season, following one of the best season finale's of the past year. This series pushes the envelope without seeming like it's trying to hard for your affection. Look for season 1 to come out on DVD. Get in at the ground level before your missing out on the show that everyone will be talking about.

3. Weeds

In addition to being the snarkiest woman on television, Nancy Botwin takes sexy to a whole new level. I came across this series last summer, three seasons too late. This is the perfect time to gear up, cause a whole new season launches June 16th. The concept is so refreshing and twisted, a suburban mom who deals weed to keep up with the joneses. Mary-Louise Parker and Kevin Nealon will have you straight up addicted to weed. Don't believe me, take a hit and I guarentee you'll need rehab to stop watching this show.

Why don't you watch this show already? Seriously, what does it feel like being the only person in the office not knowing what the hell everybody else is talking about? LOST is the "it" show of this television generation. It used to be a great show, but now it's simply amazing. If you haven't seen this show, the "V" list is giving you homework. Go to the video store or netflix. Rent seasons 1-3 of LOST. Barricade yourself in your house with at least a week's supply of food, rip your phone out of the wall, and watch all three seasons without interruption. You may wind up losing your job, but trust me, I just did you a favor.

1. Dexter

There is only one show which can dethrone LOST, and that's television's darkest hero, Dexter. When I say Dexter is incredible, I'm not talking about that watered down version that CBS pawns off as the real deal. The Dexter they show you on CBS pales in comparison with the masterpiece that Showtime feeds you. Half the characters are developed much better when they can be vulgar without having to worry about the FCC coming down on them. Dexter is a serial killer who cleans the Miami streets of sexual predators, homicidal maniacs, and rapists. Despite the fact that he's totally sick, you somehow wind up rooting for him to stay one step ahead of the police. Season one of Dexter on DVD will be the best TV on DVD purchase you ever make. This show, while tucked away on subscription television is the best show our there. Hands down.


Bryan Pol said...

Now that is a DAMN GOOD list.

Julia said...

I am so proud to see Dexter at the top. And I'm so frickin excited that there is somebody who appreciates the genius of showtime. That list was an experience.

Eric said...

GREAT list. Unfortunately I don't have Showtime so I've never seen Weeds, Californication, OR Dexter, but from everything I've heard they're great... except perhaps Californication, which I didn't know belonged in a top 5 list... but I trust you!

Great episode of HIMYM last night, no?

Did you get a chance to watch Damages this past summer on FX, with Glenn Close and Rose Byrne? EXCELLENT legal thriller / murder mystery, one of the best-written and acted television shows I've seen in a long time. I definitely wouldn't put it as high as LOST, but I think it belongs on a list above HIMYM.

Michael said...

I spent an entire weekend watching all of Dexter, Season 1. Two 6 hour blocks. Nothing short of addictive.

BrittinyFV said...

Weeds & Dexter absorb way to much of my life...Showtime is the only TV worth watching these days!