Friday, May 23, 2008

Top 5 Reasons You Must See Indiana Jones

If you've spent the last week scouring the net looking for critics opinions on Indiana Jones, then you might be worried about the mixed reviews the film has been getting. While I did not get in on the midnight show, I did have an opportunity to watch the film Friday night with a packed house. The film ended with audience applause, a rarity in the movie theatre nowadays. I promise not to spoil the ending of the film or reveal major plot developments in this list. And, while some people will give you wishy-washy reviews, the "V" List is going out on a limb by saying that there are five reasons you simply must see this movie.

5. Commies!

Nazism is getting old, so let's bring back a group of people that we haven't hated on since Rocky IV, the Russians. Nothing rekindles old hatreds like a good history lesson on the Cold War. It would be anachronistic to employ the services of our typical bad guys the Arabs for this film, so Spielberg returned to the time tested formula of hating on the Reds. Much like other films, the accents are in and out, but after all that's what makes a good Russian portrayal in film. Even Russian actors make the accent sound contrived, so give Cate Blanchett a pass on her Germanic, Russian vibrato.

4. Big Damn Ants:

I love creative deathtraps involving carnivorous insects. The environmental dangers are so much fun in this film and watching our Communist bad guys get eaten alive and dragged back into giant earthen mounds is simply priceless. The only time that insect deaths were done better was in King Kong when the dude got his head eaten by a giant earthworm-centipede hybrid. Big ups to Spielberg for thinking outside the box on this one.

3. Worst Case Scenario: Atomic Blast

How do you survive Nuclear Holocaust? Spielberg provides the answer with the new Indy flick. I must admit, I was sitting in my seat saying, "Oh man these guys are f-ed now." And yet, our writers provided us with a fun, and strangely plausible escape strategy. Nice mushroom cloud, but the fallout rain will be a bitch.

2. The Fedora is BACK!
I will admit that I got goosebumps the first time Indiana Jones' appeared on the screen with a hint of John Williams magic. I felt like a kid again, and regardless of how the movie panned out, I felt like I had been reunited with a long lost friend.

1. Nostalgia and One liners

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will not disappoint hardcore fans, because it ties us many loose ends from previous films. Almost every question that lingered following Raiders, Temple, and Last Crusade was answered. Character stories (save for Sullah) were tied together neatly and you felt like this story had progressed. My greatest fear was that Harrison Ford would be playing a character too young (given the fact that Last Crusade was made in 89) but about 16 years has elapsed since the last movie. Audience members believe that Indiana is feeling his age, both mentally and physically. This is not another "Rocky Balboa" where clearly the main character is trying to accomplish something that is virtually impossible. While you can never compare this film with its predecessors, I promise that the latest Indiana Jones will leave you feeling good about your moviegoing experience. Crystal Skull compliments the series, and will not leave you feeling like this film was a major Hollywood mistake. You will not be blown away, but it's worth the price of admission, and besides there is another Dark Night trailer. What else could you ask for?


Julia said...

oh thank god you appreciate it. so many chose not to.

Bryan Pol said...

All campiness aside, this film was totally worth it. Harrison Ford captured Indy's greatness yet again (and if you thought Ford was old, wait until you see Marion resurface....yeowza!).

Bryan Pol said...

The Ruskies want the film banned! Take a look:

Eric said...

I dunno, I think the only thing that bothered me was the heavy-handed use of CGI. The gophers and the you-know-what at the end were too much, and the Tarzan scene was simply ridiculous. But there was so much right that overall I enjoyed it. Plus there's no experience like seeing an Indy movie at midnight on opening day.. something I'll remember forever.

Bryan Pol said...

As told from "God, According to Indiana Jones:"

czinn said...

I'm sorta mixed on the new one right now. Harrison Ford was good, and the new cast members like Shia LaBeouf and Cate Blanchett fit in well, but there were lame bits like the CGI gophers, Tarzan, the refrigerator, and the...ending (no spoilers, but those who saw it know what I mean). It's not horrible, it's not great, it's just...there.

Still, a midnight showing of's quite the experience, I gotta admit.