Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Same Differences!

Have you ever been in a debate/discussion over something that people tell you is practically the same regardless of branding? Even though these items are made from the same stuff, when you taste them, buy them, or use them you begin to notice that some are far superior than others. Here's a "V" list dedicated to those products which are not created equally, despite society's attempts to convince you otherwise.

5. Pepsi and Coke
This is an obvious choice for our number five spot. Believe me, there are still people on this earth who will say that there is no difference between the two brands. My reply, you do not drink enough cola. Much to my gastrointestinal tract's chagrin, I have become somewhat of a cola connoisseur. I can tell you that if given a taste test, I can pick Coke and Pepsi out 100% of the time. They are not the same, and if you even bring that ghetto drink RC Cola into the conversation then I will stab you in the jaw.

4. Designer Handbags (Courtesy of Ms. V)
My wife and the majority of women can tell you that not all handbags are the same. We guys might like to believe that they are all just bags meant to hold crap, this is not true. Dooney & Bourke, Coach, Prada, and Louis Vuitton are not even close to being similar. "They are vastly different," according to the author's wife. So gentlemen, when you see a closet full of purses, understand that each one serves a completely different purpose. Given the social event, season, or even one's mood, a purse and its design can greatly impact the outcome of an evening. The closest I can come to explaining this is when your girlfriend and/or wife tells you that all video games are the same. Not true.

3. Pasta
Self respecting Italians are feeling me on this one. Individuals outside of the Italian American cultural hearth cannot possibly understand that fusilli and ziti do not taste the same. Yes, you are correct in your assumption that they are both pasta, but when immersed in water and salt the end result is significantly different. Why do you think those wily Italians make so many varieties? I bet you thought it was just to give you fun shapes to play with in your dish. Don't believe me, visit Ilovepasta.org, they'll set the record straight.

2. Pens

When the majority of your profession centers around writing, you begin to develop an affinity for certain brands of pens. I prefer the Pilot G2 gel ink pen, which I have long considered to be "the Cadillac" of pens. I find people's personalities are reflected in the type of pen they prefer. Simple, easy going individuals prefer the Bic Ballpoint, while flashy individuals prefer the gel writing, top of the line, $8 for a three pack of pens. While there is no right or wrong choice in this department, one thing is certain, they are not all the same.

1. Water

Chemically it's two Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen, but my pallet tells me that despite water's chemical equality, some brands of bottled water are not up to par. I became a firm believer in water's inequality when I bought a wonky batch of Aquafina and took the time to read the label. I found out more about water in my next shopping trip than I ever wanted to know. After that day I embarked on a journey to find an acceptable bottled water to suit my hydration needs. I personally settled on Dasani water after sampling nearly ten bottled waters from Fiji to Poland Spring. While all the aforementioned beverages quench your thirst, they remain uniquely different.

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Patrick said...

I will never forget when I was at my friends house years ago and his dad was cooking his pasta for like 20 minutes for a pound of pasta! I almost had a heart attack, and i'm only half Italian!

Pasta should be "al dente" or "firm to the tooth". If you bite into it, you should see just a wee little bit uncooked in the middle. Floppy pasta sucks.

Sorry, but I am sooooo passionate about my pasta :)

Marc V said...

I can't tell you how many arguments I have been in with people who say that all pasta tastes the same and that it depends on the sauce. Argh! Al dente all the way, mushy pasta makes me sick.

Alex Lotorto said...

Don't buy bottled water!!!

You live in rural PA!

Take it to the tap.

Marc V said...

My well is funky...