Monday, June 30, 2008

Wall-E is a Must See!

This weekend was a bit of a family retreat to the hinterlands of upstate New York. But we wouldn't let a little thing like a 40 min drive keep us from the movie theater to see Pixar's latest and greatest, Wall-e.

And so without further ado...the top five reasons you should charge up your solar cell and run (don't walk) to go see Wall-e!

#5. The best robot-character ever.

Ben Burtt, gave sound to the Star Wars saga and a voice to one of the most beloved robotic characters in history, R2-D2. He performs the same service for the one and only Wall-e to much greater effect. I know that says a lot, especially from me an unabashed Star Wars fan. But Wall-e's character is riveting, his emotions complex, and his gestures distinct, sure he has more to work with than little R2-D2, but he also owns the screen alone for about 40 min. Which brings me to...

#4. Kids pay attention

Anyone that read an early review knows that the beginning of the film is unlike anything you've seen in recent film making (with the exception of Cast Away), essentially one character dominates the screen for nearly 40 min without the aid of more than one word. My initial fear, knowing this heading in was people, especially young children in the audience might get bored. Let me tell you it doesn't happen. From minute one, the Pixar team pulls out all of their tricks from every Pixar short playbook to keep these kids riveted. Every beep and boop, every stumble, every gaze at the stars, kids and adults alike are spellbound.

#3. Its an adventure.

I won't reveal the plot to you. But this movie kicks in to gear with action sequences that should make Indy 4 jealous. Zooming along the dusty earth, dodging blaster bolts, zipping through space, crowds hurling. Lets just say, you don't want for action from one.

#2. Its a love story.

Wall-e is a lonely guy. I'm not revealing anything the trailer doesn't reveal to tell you that he falls madly in love with another robot. Their romance and their chemistry on screen is the stuff hollywood stars beg for. We are pushing for them from moment one, and despite their metallic bodies and lack of a functioning english vocabulary, we understand them. Their passion is at the heart of this story, and we feel it with them.

#1. Its social commentary on a grand scale.

Wrapped in a package that little children will find attractive is a deep social commentary on our consumer culture, what it does to the planet and to us as we eat and drink more and more, and buy more and more and do less and less. From minute one we see what comes from the damage we are bringing about to the planet. A huge corporation called Buy N' Large is all around care-taker and as people become more and more vegetized to their floating screens as they zoom around in floating chairs, the need for government becomes less and less, BNL takes care of everything. Its a stunning indictment on our potential future. Pixar took a huge risk to create a movie that actually makes be quiet and think and feel and laugh for two hours, luckily they have the chops to pull it off.

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Marc V said...

You have me so psyched to see this now! Thank for the recommendation James.