Sunday, June 15, 2008

Top Five: Dad's Day

Happy Father's Day V-Listers!

It's been awhile, but on this Father's Day, I thought why not post my list of best things about Dads...forgive me if the list is a little dated when it comes to gender roles. I realize things change, but for many of us, myself included...being a Dad means this list and so much more. 

#5. Bad Cop

When I was growing up there was no greater threat my mother
could lay down than. "I'm going to tell your father, and when he gets home so help you." My father never hit us, but for some reason until about the age of 16 there was no more fear-striking sentence. 

#4. Sports

Dad is the gateway to all things athletic. He taught you how to throw and catch. He showed you how tohold a 
hockey stick, when to slide. He explained why all the baseball players around today were nothing compared to Mickey Mantle. To this day he tells you the story about how he was offered a ticket to try out for the Mets' farm team in Ft. Lauderdale, but he passed it up to start working. 

#3. Unappreciated

Everyone loves their mother, with good reason. Mom is the cooker, the cleaner the care taker. Dad is just Dad. He's just the guy that keeps the lights on, and the roof over your head. It's not until you get to be a bit older and you start to contemplate doing those things for yourself, let alone children that you begin to understand the responsibility involved. Dad got it. 

#2. He's an idiot

Dad's likely the one that sawed the bottom of the garage door off, flooded the bathroom trying to fix the sink, lit himself on fire lighting the hot water heater, drank one too many beers and fell off the deck. Fell through (not off, but through) the ladder trying to clean the gutters. Dad can't match socks, Dad
 undercooked the chicken. Dad is our signal that screwing up is part of life. Without him, we'd never be able to laugh at a mistake, especially our own. 

#1. Dad's a Genius

He taught you how to do everything. He gave you the talents and inspirations you took to become the person you are. Dad imparts the wisdom he has to you in hopes of making it just a little easier for you to grow as a person. Dad made you the Dad you hope to be. 

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Marc V said...

Thank God for Dads. Great post James. It hit home with me.