Monday, June 23, 2008

Star Wars Sex-Ed...

With all this talk of pregnancy pacts in Massachusetts I suggest public schools institute the viewing of Star Wars as part of our Sex-Ed curriculum. You wouldn't believe all the things that George Lucas was pawning on unsuspecting moviegoers. What a perv!

Honorable Mention for sexual innuendo in Star Wars Goes to:

1o. "She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid."
9. "Look at the size of that thing!"
8. "Put that thing away before you get us all killed!"
7. "Get in there you big furry oaf, I don't care *what* you smell!"
6. "And I thought they smelled bad...on the *outside*!"
5. "Size matters not. Judge me by my size, do you?"
4. "I thought that hairy beast would be the end of me!"
3. "Hey, point that thing somewhere else!"
2. "Not bad for a little furball."
1. "I want you to take her. I mean it, take her!"

What's your favorite Star Wars innuendo? Put it in a comment!


Michael said...

how about a little new trilogy...

"At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi."

cz said...

"Let's blow this thing and go home!"