Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dating Habits Males Should Stop Committing

Over the last couple of years, I've been on my fair share of "dates" -- some great, some all right, and some where I crossed my fingers under the table for a lightning bolt to strike the salt shaker between us ASAP. Yet during both the good and bad outings, my date assuredly committed one of these five faux pas, mistakes, actions that no girl likes to admit happened when their friends beg for details. Ladies, I'm sure most of you would agree that the majority of this list annoys you to no end, and boys, I'm definitely not trying to hurt your feelings here. We girls are glad you're taking us out to begin with, I promise.

5. Being Overly Chivalrous

Perhaps I'll later kick myself for this one, but yes, it is possible to be excessively gentleman-like. Even girls who aren't as independent as I am fight the urge to roll their eyes when the boy they're with sprints around like a personal servant. Don't get me wrong: I love having my seat pulled out at dinner, and holding doors open is an absolute must. But your manners transform from polite to creepy when you're buckling my seat belt for me, holding down my seat at the movies before I sit down, or continuously asking me if I need anything, am cold, feel alright, etc. Just keep the courtesy minimal and meaningful -- though you chivalrous men have wonderful intentions, there's a fine line between being sweet and trying too hard.

4. Rolling Your Car Windows Down

Unless it's 90 degrees outside and your car doesn't have A/C (or if your girl doesnt mind a little wind in her hair), there is no reason to have your windows wide open on the way to your date destination. There's a 97% chance the girl beside you put a lot of effort into doing her hair, so I really doubt she wants it flying all over the place while she's trying to hold a conversation and look attractive at the same time. Exceptions can possibly be made if you're driving a convertible and your date asks you to put the top down, but otherwise, please save the wind-tunnel atmosphere for a trip to an amusement park.

3. Listening to Your Favorite Genre
While this is perfectly fine if the two of you share musical preferences, most girls don't want to drive 30 minutes to Middletown listening to heavy death metal and feeling like their ears are bleeding. Sure, if your date is polite she'll go along with your Kiss or Brad Paisley impressions, but it's considerate to put on a mutually-liked radio station. Chances are, you know something about who you're taking out, so you might already have a CD in mind before getting in the car. When in doubt, who can say no to Frank Sinatra?

2. Ordering Two Pieces of Lettuce, Dressing on the Side
I realize you're trying to look neat and respectable, but when you order a Caesar Salad to avoid the red-sauce-on-the-shirt or the brocolli-in-the-teeth dilemmas, it makes me feel like I should do the same. And if I'm not very hungry, maybe I'll order that side salad. Otherwise, if you have an appetite, order something that's going to appease it. That doesn't mean you should try and beat the restaurant's wing-eating record, but be sure to have a filling meal (unless you plan to save room for dessert).

1. Monopolizing the Conversation, Which Stars Yourself

Most likely, I'm not going out with you because I want to hear how much weight you can bench press or how many important and influencial people you've had lunch with. Therefore, definitely don't hesitate to take a breath now and then so your date can get a word, sentence, or paragraph in. True, everyone wants to impress a potential significant other, but I don't want to be able to write your biography when I get home that night.


Marc V said...

I love it! Some of these are very true, especially the one with riding with the windows down. I can't tell you how often I get yelled at for doing this on a date night.

CZ said...

Let's be honest. The death metal hate is entirely unwarranted. Otherwise, I can't really say anything bad about this. Good article.

Patrick said...

That was my main problem in high school, I was way too damn chivalrous. It's such a balancing act, and I still don't think I have it nailed, and I've been together with my wife for over 8 years now!

On the music at least, my music is mostly metal, but Tori Amos or OC Punk we can always agree on, and lighter more mainstream metal, like Avenged Sevenfold, is always good. But no Rammstein, Slayer, and the like.

Nick said...

I like my windows down, use more hairspray.