Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Top 5 Summer Reality Shows

While I've come out against reality television in one of my former posts, allow me to clarity that not all reality shows are terrible. Below you will find the most dramatic, humorous, and entertaining reality shows that will keep you busy while the summer schedule is devoid of quality programming. Some of you may feel that when compared with stellar programming like LOST or House these shows are pure garbage. In my opinion, while these shows may lack the sophisticated character development and complex scripts, they're way better than re-runs.

5. Cops

Cops has been running for twenty years and somehow you can't get enough drug busts, traffic stops, and bad behavior. What's even better about this show is between TruTV and the G4 network, it seems like it's always on. I don't know about you but I love watching a show about bitter Americans who cling to their guns. The best thing about Cops is that it shows regardless of where you are from, stupid people are willing to provide you with cheap entertainment, often at the small price of their own freedom.

4. Party Heat

Fans of Cops will love this reality show that visits the busiest exotic party locations all over the United States. Episodes of Party Heat prove that when you mix tons of alcohol and a college Spring Break mentality, you have the makings of quality entertainment. People will do just about anything when they are intoxicated. My personal favorite was on Lake Havisu where a boat full of college students began to sink when they overloaded a party barge. To make the situation even better, many became belligerent when they were told if they didn't get off the boat they might drown. "Damn it, quit saving my life and let me get super-drunk!" Party on Dude! Party on...
3. So You Think You Can Dance

I recently was turned on to this show, which I believe is more entertaining than American Idol. First off, most of the people that try out for it appear to have so much more talent than the people they round up for the Idol competition. For those of you who believed Paula Abdul was crazy, check out Mary Murphy, who has perfected crazy and turned it into an art form. Another nice aspect is that you will not have to deal with Simon's quirky catch-phrases or Randy's pointless banter. It may not compare with America's Best Dance Crew in terms of sheer wow factor, but many of the contestant's moves will have you saying, DAMN!

2. The Mole

After a long hiatus, The Mole has returned to ABC's line-up. The Mole has 12 contestants try to figure out which player amongst them is the saboteur of their missions. Think, reality television meets clue. While there is no Col. Mustard or Professor Plum, the Mole will and the show's editors will constantly have you guessing. While Anderson Cooper has moved on to bigger and better things (he used to be the host) the show is still as good as ever.

1. Big Brother

When it comes to Summer Reality TV drama, no show can top Big Brother. This reality show, now in it's tenth season, proves that when people from all over the United States are locked into a house for three months without television or any outside communication, crazy things will happen. The last two champions Evel Dick and Adam are some of the ugliest people in all humanity. Adam (last years champion) referred to the autistic children whom he teaches as "retards", while Evel Dick quite possibly was the nastiest player in the history of the game. Whenever I suggest this show to people they always shrug it off and figure it would be stupid, that is until they watch it. I swear it's like television crack. If you watch one season of this show, forever will it dominate your destiny. Don't believe me, the next season premiers on CBS on Sunday July 13th.


Anonymous said...

Okay, so I know you're all kinds of biased for Big Brother and all that, but how can you possibly have a top list of reality shows without including Hell's Kitchen? Not only does it have drama, cattiness, and the thrill of seeing the chefs actually chop their own fingers off (because they're that dumb), but you can actually watch Gordon Ramsey verbally cut down grown men to the point of absolute tears. Not to mention you get to hear him scream all sorts of nasty names at people with an impeccable British accent. I say Hell's Kitchen is definitely in the top five. But kudos on recognizing So You Think You Can Dance... I think your metro slipped out a little on that one. :)

Bryan Pol said...

Gordon Ramsey is AWESOME on BBC America's "Kitchen Nightmares." Even Simon Cowell quivers in Gordon's presence; the man is nasty, blunt, and incredibly critical. NOBODY could write his persona for television.