Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Grandma's Boy: Experience It

Grandma's Boy, from the Adam Sandler production house Happy Madison Studios, is a memorable addition to the 'stoner film' genre. From a collection of films that brought you Half Baked, Dazed and Confused, the Harold and Kumar titles, and the Cheech and Chong series, Grandma's Boy put many recurring actors from the Adam Sander films (Allen Covert and Peter Dante) in the spotlight, all of whom dazzled with countless one-liners and gut-busting moments. The film paved the way for Jonah Hill's first major supporting role (you may recall his work as an eBay merchant in 40 Year Old Virgin or better associate him with Superbad, his comedic opus). Despite her turn as Ray Romano's mother, this movie figures to be one of Doris Roberts's better roles (who wouldn't want a gamer-obsessed granny?). Seeing as 'dick and fart' jokes were all but exhausted in the 'stoner' genre, Grandma's Boy proved to be a pioneer, in that the majority of its laughs come at the expense of cracking jokes at male gaming behavior for the first time on a large scale (with the exception of the Genesis NHL segment in Swingers and the Tekken snippet in Virgin). Compiled for you, via YouTube, are some of the finest moments that Grandma's Boy has to offer (in no particular order).

5. Dance Dance Revolution

4. S$%&'s Weak!

3. Yeah, but it's a f%&$ing sweet car.

2. Adios, turd nuggets!

1. We'll go to the loony bin together.

Memorable Characters
David Spade's role as the vegan waiter Shiloh, Kevin Nealon as Mr. Cheezle, Dr. Shakalu, and the Karate Monkey.

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