Monday, June 9, 2008

Top 5 Worst Comic Book Villians by "V" List Reader Trevor Charity

The Joker. Doctor Doom. Venom. Lex Luthor. These names have become infamous as some of the best villains in comic book history. Along with the best villains came the worst. Then after them, came the worst of the worst. These guys were so bad, you probably never heard of their names. I’m here to list the top 5 worst super villains to have been printed to the pages of comic books.

#5 Stilt-Man-

Guess what his power is? He had a metal suit that had telescopic legs that enabled him to grow bigger. Also, the metal on his suit made Spider-Man’s web ineffective. Too bad it didn’t matter. He was so bad, even the Kingpin wouldn’t hire him. He would go on to get owned by Daredevil, Thor, Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, and Luke Cage.

#4 The Walrus-

Out of all of the animals in the animal kingdom, they picked a walrus? This guy literally has the speed, strength, and agility of a walrus. Even with those capabilities, a normal person has better attributes than him. The only accomplishments he had are he knocked down Spider-Man and is really good at crossword puzzles. I’m not making that up. Hit him up on the web if you don’t believe me.

#3 Asbestos Man-

You probably never want this guy to stay in your house for long periods of time. This villain was a scientist who wanted to prove that all his theories on analytical chemistry and to get in good with criminals, so he developed a suit of flame-resistant material called, “super-asbestos”. He also created a shield, and net which converted heat into explosive charges. He challenged the Human Torch and actually beat him. Asbestos Man was defeated when Human Torch used his powers to consume all the oxygen in the area. He surrendered and was never seen again. Any self respecting villain would escape and wish for revenge.

#2 Maxie Zeus-

This villain was much like Thor, except he chose to believe he wass Zeus, the Greek god. Maxie used many gadgets and superhuman allies called the New Olympians. He was defeated by Batman and Robin via a series of Greek games. Not even the Batman villains like this crack pot. During one storyline, Bane helps everyone from Arkham Asylum break loose. Maxie pleaded with the Joker to free him from his cell, yet Joker refuses because he found Zeus annoying. When Zeus finally manages to excape, good ole’ Max runs from the asylum and slams into a tree. Curses!!! Foiled by an oak tree!!!

#1 The Ten-Eyed Man-

This guy is the worst failure of the Marvel/DC catalog and personally sounds like a pedophile to me. The Ten-Eyed Man lost his eyesight, but found new vision when a doctor moved his optic nerves to his fingers. Multi-eyed homeboy battled Batman twice. During their first battle, he was tricked into catching something brightly lit, blinding him and rendering him even more usless than usual. In a second bout, he was vanquished by Bruce Wayne (not Batman). This guy was so pathetic, Wayne didn’t even have to throw on his mask and cape to knock this losers block off. Sans Gadget Belt, now that's pathetic!

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