Friday, July 25, 2008

Where y'all at?

I've felt the same disturbance in the not too many chili dogs, that sense of deep unfulfilled longing for the list...the deep need we all have for more v-list action. Where have the V-list cowboys and girls gone...well friends, let me explain with the following V-list. 

5. Our girls won't let us.

You all may not know it, but despite our cromagnon looks (see sidebar) and annoying senses of humor (see 98% of our posts) Mike, Marc, Brian, and I all have committed relationships. And not just to our XBOX, but to women. HOT women (see cultural example, right). There was going to come a time when this constituancy was going to win out over even you our readers. Let's be fair though, how many nights is any self-respecting woman going to split time with a laptop? We needed to be reigned in and we love our ladies for it.

4. Carbon footprint
Al Gore emailed Marc from his blackberry in the private plane. He explained that for the good of the country and the world we needed to reduce our carbon footprint and while he subscribed to the RSS feed, often giggling softly at our quips, none the less he asked us to slow down for the good of the world. Marc blushed a little, then acquiesced. We have since been muzzled. (Brian Pol however refuses to be denied and for that he and he alone has become our underground hero.)

3. The joker scared the crap out of us.

We are nerds and were incredibly excited for the Dark Knight. Then we saw it and Heath Ledger's joker scared the living poop out of us. Now I know it's just a movie, but that's just what the nefarious Joker wants us to think before he launches another horrifying plot just for the fun of it. We had reason to believe all our bat-worship posts might have been us on the Joker's radar. So we decided to slow it down, play it cool, and wait for the man in the purple suit to find new prey.

2. It's summer!
My laptop gets quite warm when it's been on for apartment is not air conditioned. I live in New York City. I am lucky to be alive, let alone blogging most night at my apartment. So while we love the v-list (psst, brian the "b" list my underground vigilante!) we also love swimming, and the beach, and driving, and going to the park and doing all the other things warm weather allow. So maybe we're taking a little impromptu vacation from the's only because....

1. We have lives too.

I know you'd never think it. Working stiffs like us have a life?
Well "life" is a little loose. But there is stuff we like and need to do when we're not slaving for the man. 95% of these activities are legal and harm no one. As we indulge in binge of summer time relaxation, rest assured we have not forgotten the blessed V. So my fellow v-listers, take heart we may have slowed down, and we may not be the hero the blogosphere needs, but we are the hero the blogosphere deserves, we are the list...


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Patrick said...

As long as Chuck Norris didn't hurt anyone, everything is all good in my book.