Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Power of the 'Stache: Lanny McDonald

Lost in a decade of Wayne Gretzky, the tail end of the New York Islander dynasty, and the dominance of the Edmonton Oilers was the stellar play of the Calgary Flames, winners of Lord Stanley's Cup in 1989 (the only time the franchise would have the luxury of hoisting the Cup). The Flames were led by the incomparable Lanny McDonald, he of the flaming red moustache, who took the team's decor of red, orange, and yellow to a whole new level with lip fuzz that puts many to shame. In the most recent edition of Sportscenter, ESPN has been swept away by the Moustache Revolution, airing a segment that paid homage to the greatest moustaches in all of sport, a list aptly handled by one Lanny McDonald, Calgary great, Hall of Famer, and proud donner of the impeccable walrus moustache. This post belongs to you, Mr. McDonald. We hardly knew ye.

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