Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Five Days in the Life of Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse has had one of the single most remarkable months any person can experience. It seems like every single day, there is another shocking press release about her bad behavior which stems from her chronic drug abuse. At what point do the authorities step in and do something about it? This woman is clearly a danger to herself and others, and should be institutionalized before she ends her own life. Friends and family have tried to make her go to rehab, but she keeps saying no, no, no ( I had to do it). Here are the top 5 memorable moments  from the month of June from the queen of bad behavior, Amy Winehouse. 

5. Taking trips to Disneyland

Amy is no stranger to courtroom drama, and most recently she described the courtroom as a trip to "Disneyland." Amy's disconnect from life is most apparent from her blatant disregard for the legal system. At a pre-trial hearing involved her husband, Amy arrived to the courtroom hours late, flirted constantly with her husband, and engaged in a note-passing session which ended with her mouthing "F-U" for all the world to see. After dropping the F bomb, Amy stumbled to her feet and walked out of the courtroom. Clearly this was the first misstep in a series of bad moves during the month of June.

4. Performing for Nelson Mandela

Only days after her release from a hospital, Amy was given an opportunity to perform at Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday tribute. This could be the only good day in the entire month for the troubled star, since not many individuals are given the opportunity to perform for the man who symbolized the end of South African apartheid. Onlookers stated that despite her recent hospitalization, Winehouse looked healthy and in good spirits. Unfortunately, Amy dropped the ball with song selection and chose "Rehab" as part of her two song surprise setlist. Way to go Amy, you are given the opportunity of a lifetime and you sing about drug abuse and your inner demons. Why are we not surprised?

3. Tuberculosis, Emphysema, or Just Crack?

Winehouse was rushed to the hospital after fainting. Doctors feared Amy might be suffering from a case of the dangerous pulmonary disease tuberculosis, however it became more clear that her chronic smoking and drug use were leading to emphysema. The medical staff and family stated that Winehouse was contributing to the early termination of her life as a result of her poor choices. Clearly this was not the same woman who seemed to be on the road to recovery in February when she received multiple Grammy Awards for her excellence in music. What was even more shocking was the way that Amy celebrated her release from the hospital (and the topic of our number two entry).

2. Celebrating a Hospital Release with a Good Cigarette

I don't know about you, but when I get out of the hospital from a potential tuberculosis/emphysema diagnosis, I love celebrating with a good ol' cancer stick.  With behavior this rebellious, one wonders if she is genuinely crazy or seeking more headlines and attention.

1.   Fan appreciation takes on a whole new meaning

How do you end a month filled with hospitalizations, court dates, and musical concerts for international dignitaries? By punching out one of your fans at a concert. Amy's june went out with a bang when she jumped off the stage at the Glastonbury Festival and threw a punch at a male onlooker. While nobody knows what provoked the altercation, it is clear that this is just the beginning of a summer to remember for the beleaguered singer. Let's hope that she either comes to her senses or is institutionalized before we are reading about her untimely death from substance abuse and a fast lifestyle. This "V" list author and millions of fans are hoping that Amy can overcome these demons before it's too late. 

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