Thursday, September 25, 2008

Top 5 Phrases Mistakingly Overheard @ Bailout Cabinet Meeting...

There's nothing funny about the prospect of another great depression, but anybody watching the last few days of Congressional meetings with interest could use a little humor right about now. Lest our lawmakers can reach a decision sometime soon it appears that the McCain/ Obama debate will be the least important casualty of the economic crisis. Of course the news media has been in a feeding frenzy over the whole ordeal, and I for one would love the meetings to be held in public for all of the world to see. I wonder what these Senators and Congressmen are talking about as our economic system goes down in flames. I have compiled a brief list of things which I would love to hear caught by a random open microphone on CNN.

5. Sen. Richard Shelby: "700 Billion! Do you realize how many Big Mac's you can get for that kind of money?!"

4. Nancy Pelosi: " Another 700 Billion dollars worth of work and Gretta Van Susteren's face will look normal."

3. John McCain: "But what if they have weapons of mass destruction? We should invade AIG!"

2. George W. Bush: "Fu^$ing January can't come soon enough!"

1. Barack Obama: "Holy Sh*@, now that's a lot of Change!"

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